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Police Officer Donates Her Kidney To Child After Mother's Plea For Miracle On Facebook

Some men and women love to protect and serve, and take pride in their work as police officers which actually want to make the world a better place and give back to the community.

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That's exactly what happened in one case, where a police officer gave part of her own body so that an 8 year old boy has a new chance at life, when a police officer from the town of Milton, donated one her kidneys to him.

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Officer Lindsey Bittorf says she heard about Jackson Arneson after his mother, Kristi Goll, made a public plea for a donor on Facebook, which touched Officer Bittorf so much that she had to take action.

“This kid, this little boy, is like my own son,” said Bittorf, who is at home recovering. “I just love this little boy with just everything.”

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“He has been eating like crazy. I don’t know, I blame Lindsey,” Goll said. “She must be a good eater because this boy is a good eater now.”

Jackson was born with a condition called posterior urethral valves. His father was a promising candidate, but doctors ultimately ruled him out after discovering he had a minor heart condition. Other family members and friends were also ruled out.

“Virtually, his kidney function has always been below 30 percent,” Goll explained of her son’s condition.

Bittorf didn’t know the family but was among the thousands to read the desperate mother’s plea. She felt compelled to get tested.

“My mom always told me it takes a village to raise a child, and this is one child in my village that I can help,” she said.

Doctors told the family that Bittorf’s kidney was healthy and a perfect fit. So they went through with the life saving procedure.

The surgery was a success. Four days after getting Lindsey’s kidney, Jackson was up and walking.

“I just squeezed him forever. I was just really proud of him,” Goll said. “He was up. He was talking. He was awake.”

When Bittorf woke up from surgery, she had one thing on her mind. “My first question was, ‘How is Jackson?'” she said.

But shortly after the surgery, Jackson began experiencing complications. Both his lungs collapsed and he contracted pneumonia. He spent 11 days at UW Hospital in Madison. He’s home now and on the fast track to recovery, being extremely thankful for the gift of love and life


“Thank you for giving me a new kidney,” Jackson said to Bittorf.

Bittorf is taking time off from work as she heals. She can’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds and relies on family and friends to help her around the house.

When asked if she would go back and donate her kidney again, she said, “Absolutely.”

Officer Bittorf is not only a hero to an innocent child, but an inspiration to the rest of us on this earth that sometimes giving can actually change lives, the person that you save, and your own. My god bless this amazing woman.


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