By: Earnest Jones | 11-29-2016 | News
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Jill Stein Took The Money And Ran In Her Recount Scam As She Misses The Deadlines

It’s so unfortunate that Jill Stein is fully armed with everything that she needs to unleash a demise against president-elect Donald Trump by launching a presidential recount. Jill has the grassroots zeal, the cash, and the media attention she craves. However, there’s only one thing hindering her from pulling the trigger against Trump’s victory: time.

Jill Stein must be a strategic scammer, a con-artist of some sort, or plain unlucky. She missed the Pennsylvania’s deadline that is required to file for a voter-initiated recount; this is not only a blown to Jill Stein but to the whole Democratic party since they appear to have placed their hopes on the recounts of the votes in the Keystone State such as Wisconsin and Michigan.

Pennsylvania’s Department of State spokeswoman, Wanda Murren reported to the Philadelphia Inquirer that the deadline for the voter-initiated recount was on Monday the 21st of November.

As you might have guessed, Jill Stein is bound to uphold the stubbornness exhibited by Democrats and she is not giving up on this; in a bid to keep the Democrats hopes in check, she has mounted a legal challenge to forcefully get a recount, knowing very well that the chances of litigation are indefinite, the vote tally is clear. The president-elect defeated Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania breaking a cycle that had been in place since 1984; no Republican had won in Pennsylvania since Ronald Reagan.

The President-elect’s victory wasn’t a landslide but instead it was close. Donald Trump carried the state by 70,000 votes, this is a great margin that’s hard to overcome.

In a hypothetical scenario, assuming that Jill Stein managed to get a recount in Pennsylvania, nothing would be guaranteed. In the last 15 years, only 27 of the thousands of statewide races have been determined by recounts with only 3 people succeeding in pulling recounts.

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