By Earnest Jones  |  08-05-2017   News
Photo credit: Madison County Sheriff's Office

A Facebook post on the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page revealed that deputies responded to a home in Mars Hill in reference to a complaint of child neglect. As the authorities were searching the home, deputies located a child in an upstairs portion of the house locked inside a self-made cage.

The investigators revealed that they learned that the child was held inside the cage for 23 hours or more on a daily basis and was only given minimal amounts of food.

Haley Trantham and Vincent Lee II were charged by deputies with two counts of child abuse. Haley was also charged with possession of marijuana, according to deputies. Both suspects are being held in the Madison County Detention Center.

A report from Sheriff Buddy Harwood revealed that on 08/02/2017 the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and the Madison County Department of Social Services responded to a residence in Mars Hill in-regards to a child neglect complaint.

The deputies immediately unsecured the infant from the cage and medical treatment was sought for the infant. The detectives handling the investigation managed to determine that the infant had been confined in the cage for 23 hours or more daily and only given minimal amounts food.


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