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WikiLeaks Releases US Diplomatic Cables More Than 500,000 From 1979

More than half a million US Diplomatic cables dating from back in 1979 have been released by WikiLeaks, the Leaked cover various incidents that happened in the past such as Saddam Hussein becoming the President of Iraq, the siege of Mecca, and the Iranian revolution.

WikiLeaks has dubbed the latest batch as ‘Carter Cables III’ the batch comprises of 531,525 cables. WikiLeaks released the batch to mark the six-year anniversary of the ‘Cablegate’ marking the WikiLeaks move when it unveiled classified cables that had been sent to the US State Department; this unveiled the hidden details of the US eavesdropping on other countries.

In a statement made by Julian Assange on the WikiLeaks website, he said that 1979 was the year zero of the modern era. He added saying that back in 1979 it seemed that blood would continue flowing as dozens of revolts, bombings, assassinations, coups, wars of liberation, and kidnappings were at an all-time high in numerous nations.

Julian Assange pointed out several incidents that took place in the same year; such include the Three Mile Island nuclear incident and the election of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister.

The newly released cables also unveil fresh insight into the Irish Republican Army (IRA) who were responsible for the murder of British Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Lord Mountbatten back in 1979; the leaks discuss the death of Lord Mountbatten.

The WikiLeaks release also discusses the USSR invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian hostage crisis and the raid of the US embassy in Tehran by 3000 Iranian students resulting in 66 Americans being taken hostage.

The newly released cables have brought the number of US diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has published to 3.3 million, this release will be part of the Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) which is the largest collection of searchable U.S. confidential, diplomatic communications.

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