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Man Disemboweled Wife After She Screams Another Man's Name During Rough Sex

A Florida man was sentenced to life in prison for disemboweling his girlfriend after she shouted out another man’s name during a session of drunken intimacy.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Crime scene photo from inside the apartment at Colonnade Residences in Florida where Fidel Lopez disemboweled and killed his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, after she said her ex-husband's name during sex on September 19th, 2015.</span>

Fidel Lopez initially pleaded not guilty to the murder of 31-year-old Maria Nemeth but changed his plea in July for a deal that allowed him to avoid the death penalty. A judge on Thursday handed down the life sentence without a possibility of parole, CBS Miami reported.

The 26-year-old murderer Lopez admitted to investigators that he turned into a “monster” after Nemeth called out her ex-husband's name while they were having sex in their Florida apartment in September of 2015.

He was also accused of sexually assaulting Nemeth with a beer bottle and a hair straightener before disemboweling her.

Lopez called authorities himself, telling them his girlfriend was struggling to breathe before she vomited and collapsed. When responders arrived they found him weeping over Nemeth’s body.

Authorities say that inevitably Lopez confessed to the brutal murder of his wife.

Ahead of his sentencing, Lopez apologized to Nemeth’s family through a translator, according to the news station.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Ahead of his sentencing, Lopez apologized to Nemeth’s family through a translator, according to a report.</span>

“Today, I’m happy to fulfill this conviction. I know what I did has to be paid for and I agree I pay with my life for the life I took,” he said. “To Maria’s family, I ask forgiveness.”

Nemeth’s father struggled to put the feelings of his loss into words on Thursday.

“If I had to summarize the life of Maria, it would be very difficult to express it in a few line,” he said through a translator. “I just want to tell you all that she was and will continue to be a model of affection, effort, perseverance, and love of humanity.”


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