By: Savannah Smith | 11-29-2016 | News
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Hillary Not Off The Hook Yet With Foreign Countries Set to Investigate Clinton Foundation Activities

If she thinks she is off the hook again after President-elect Donald Trump's " softening" on his stand regarding investigations against her cases following her concession to his election victory, then Hillary Clinton better think again. According to an investigative report by The New York Post, Trump's incoming administration may just employ another tactic by pressing American ambassadors to probe the Clinton Foundation activities abroad.

Ambassadors to certain countries can ask-if not exert some pressure-their host countries to start investigations on the past activities of the Clinton family run foundation. Haiti and Colombia are particularly targeted. A source from Trump's transition team said the two countries are of interest because of the huge money involved related to the Clinton Foundation.

Recent leaked emails reveal that US State Department's $10 million aid to Haiti following a killer earthquake in 2010 may have hugely benefitted " Friends of Bill" Clinton. The State Department denied that it gave special treatment to the group with ties to Bill during the term of Hillary as Secretary of State, but no conclusive reports or investigations have been established so far.

Watchdog groups meanwhile reported that in Colombia, Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra pledged $100 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2005 and later reaped the rewards of his " generosity" when he benefitted from the foundation's philanthropic work in the country where he acquired huge parcels of land and put up an oil business.

Clinton Foundation has received millions of dollars in donation from dozens of foreign countries including those with blemished records of repression and human rights violations like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It also got contributions from well-off countries as Canada, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland.

The Post also learned that days after Hillary's shocking election defeat, French federal comptrollers began investigating the trail of millions of government money that went to the Clinton Foundation.

The Australian government has announced it is severing ties with the foundation following its decade-long association with it. It has given as much as $25 million over the years, according to the foundation's own website.

Norway is also scaling back from its support of the foundation after donating $25 million last year.

The Clinton Foundation with Bill and daughter Chelsea prominently in the front lines of its operations has come under fire for massive allegations of conflict of interest when its big time donors are reported to have benefitted from favors from then Hillary-led State Department.

Looks like it would be premature then for Hillary to celebrating a ' victory' of getting away from it all.

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