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WikiLeaks Yemen Releases: US Gov.Provided 'most of the bombs' for civil war.

WikiLeaks has unveiled an assortment of internal documents believed to be from the United States Embassy in Sana’a which the largest city in Yemen. The assortment consists of 300 PDFs and 200 emails comprising of military operations before the war in Yemen began.

The WikiLeaks release has named the documents as The Yemen Files; they comprise of official emails and messages from the Office for Military C0-operation (OMC) which is an entity backed by the U.S. government, It’s based in the U.S. Embassy, the entity allegedly helped the security forces in the area to improve their counter-terrorism efforts and capabilities.

The source of the Leak is still unknown. However, the leak covers events that occurred between the year 2009 to March 2015 shortly before the Yemen war started. WikiLeaks has covered both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry when they were both Secretaries of State since Hillary Clinton’s term was from the year 2009-2013 after which John Kerry took over.

The documents reveal that Yemen procured US aircraft, biometric systems, and vehicles. US Colonel Randolph Rosin is also seen in one of the letters saying that he hopes that both U.S. and Yemen would build strong relationships that would mutually benefit both nations.

WikiLeaks reveals that the documents show evidence of the U.S. training, arming, and funding the Yemeni forces just before the war which claimed 7,000 lives and injured 35,000 more. The deaths mostly resulted from airstrikes from a coalition of forces led by Saudi Arabia.

The conflict in Yemen has been between forces from the government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and those allied to the Houthi rebel movement. The crisis has left 80% of the population in dire need.

In a statement made by Julian Assange, the United States was largely involved in the war, coverage of the war, and provision of bombs. In a different statement made that wasn’t attributed directly to Assange, it’s evident that Yemen is of significant strategic importance since it controls a narrow choke between Red Sea and the Suez Canal where 11% of the global petroleum passes.

The U.S. left Yemen back in 2015 February after shutting down the Embassy due to the unrest.

The United Nations and the World Health Organization have reported that Yemen is in a critical stage since even the most important medical facilities are shut down due to lack of resources.

Six years ago, WikiLeaks released a series of diplomatic cables that showed that the president of Yemen offered US military unrestricted access to conduct airstrikes against terror targets controlled by the al-Qaida; thereafter claiming as its own work.

WikiLeaks has unveiled a series of leaks in the US political system but this release is a move away from the norm in the recent past. WikiLeaks has been accused of cooperating with the Russian Intelligence but Julian Assange who is still under political asylum in London has refuted those claims.

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