By Major Burdock  |  08-04-2017   News
Photo credit: ACLJ


The American Center for Law and Justice just dumped hundreds of pages they received as part of an investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton in Phoenix.


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Anonymous No. 6090 1501888117

I don't know how much will turn out true or false, but in the 4 you have there are clear signs of tampering. Also no evidence that any are actual real documents as opposed to fakes

Anonymous No. 6096 1501897791

Time and diligence is going to show how sincerely criminal the Obama administration was.

Anonymous No. 6097 1501898124

Are you kidding me? Have you ever played connect the dots ? Murder mistery? Guess who? Because what more proof do you need? Whats 2 +2? No offence to you but i dont understand how any one can second guess this without opening an investigation. In all honesty people really have lost there common sense, where did we all go wrong for people to be so spineless? God help us, God help Trump stay loyal and true.

Anonymous No. 6104 1501907024

6097; Trump? You're joking, all he has to do to prove he's as innocent as he claims is to give the investigators everything they need, if innocent he proves it and looks like an honourable statesman. I nstead he screams blue murder, blocks and hinders every part of it, interferes with hisson's statement, and then accuses absolutely everyone of being corrupt, etc. Sorry but someone who is loyal and true doesn't act like that, they step up and say take yolur best shot, then it's my turn.

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