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Blink-182’s Tom Delonge Catches Sexual Predators Trying To Abduct 15 Year Old

Former Blink-182 frontman and avid UFO enthusiast Tom Delonge went onto a Facebook tirade that resulted in the arrest of two sexual predators.

Tom claims that the two men tried to abduct his 15 year old daughter's friend from their neighborhood.

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He went ballistic on social media stating:

<i>”THESE ASSWIPES ARE GOING TO JAIL FOR TRYING TO KIDNAP A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL 48 HOURS AGO. She grew up with my family and my bandmates. We then banned together in Encinitas and we all posted about it. Then, about 10,000 San Diego people were looking for these douchebags and their ugly truck. After they staked out 2 MORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS YESTERDAY, the fucking idiot drove back into the SAME FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD where everyone was looking and wiring to crucify him. So… SWAT TEAM took the fuckface down, and like the pussy he is, he ratted out his friend instantly. Still trying to connect all dots to see if it goes all the way to human trafficking and any other horrible sex crimes. But as a Father, I can speak for all other Fathers, these guys are lucky they were grabbed by police and not us.”</i>

He had previously made a post about the incident where he displayed a police sketch of one of the would-be pedophiles who law enforcement had wanted for questioning.

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One user with a top level comment was quick to remind Tom Delonge about the dangers hunting pedophiles or child sex traffickers though.

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Serena Sedore wrote, “Careful Tom DeLonge. Look what happened to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington for doing the very thing you are.”

An eery reminder of the reality that many in Hollywood are fully aware of the child sex trafficking rings that exist regardless if the media tries to portray them as a “conspiracy theory”.


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