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MTV ‘Siesta Key’ Star Shoots Endangered Hammerhead On Film In Florida

A shocking cell phone camera footage is going viral on social media which allegedly shows MTV ‘Siesta Key’ star Alex Kompothecras shooting an endangered species of hammerhead shark off the coast of Florida.

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Alex Kompothecras's social media pages are lighting up with animal rights activists across the globe furious over the violent footage of him shooting an endangered Hammerhead shark.

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Scalloped hammerhead sharks have became the first species of shark to be protected by the U.S. Endangered Species Act, one of the world’s strongest wildlife conservation laws.

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The new law took effect on January 1st of 2012, in which new Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations came into effect, making it illegal for fishermen to land great, smooth, or scalloped hammerhead sharks in Florida waters.

<strong>The legal term “land” is clearly defined in the Florida Code:</strong>

<i>“Land,” when used in connection with the harvest of marine organisms, means the physical act of bringing the harvested organism ashore”</i>

<i>“Harvest” means the catching or taking of a marine organism by any means whatsoever, followed by a reduction of such organism to possession. Marine organisms that are caught but immediately returned to the water free, alive, and unharmed are not harvested”</i>

The protections for these endangered species can be found here: <a href="">Florida code section 68B-44</a>

The response on social media has forced the hashtag #BoycottSiestaKeyMTV to trend on every platform.

Officials are asking for the public’s help regarding a case in which a shark was shot and left to bleed to death in the water.

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The video displayed two men, one believed to be Alex Kompothecras, catching a hammerhead shark on a fishing rod, shooting it twice in the gills, and then laughing as the wounded animal bleeds out in the water.

“This videotape speaks for itself. It is heinous,” said South Florida animal activist Russ Rector.

The video is now part of a state investigation.

“He didn’t even have the knowledge, the courtesy or the empathy to put the bullet in the shark’s head. He shot the shark repeatedly in the gills,” said Rector. “Shooting a shark in the gills is not an instant kill. That shark bled out and suffocated.”

A Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesman said, “That video was forwarded to us as a result of the public outcry from the first shark dragging video. The video is being investigated, and FWC can’t confirm identities.”

FWC noted that it is illegal to shoot a shark in Florida waters, but it’s not against the law in federal waters. The shooting is now an open state investigation.

If you have any information about the people that may have been involved in that video or the exact location of the footage contact Florida Wildlife Control at and report it immediately.

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