By: Savannah Smith | 11-28-2016 | News
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Farage's Life Under Threat In The UK; To Meet With Trump Anew For A Job

Just as he successfully campaigned for something as monumental and as controversial as Brexit, he has also believed from the start that Donald Trump will succeed in his presidential bid. His support remained rock solid even during the height of the audio recording issue where a number of political allies turned their backs on Trump. Because of his faith and Trump's loyalty on the other end, he says he and Trump have grown so close.

Now, Nigel Farage is banking on the same close relations with Trump and the faith and trust they have of each other to try to mend " broken fences" between the U.K. and the U.S. Farage reminds everyone that U.K. officials on Downing Street and Cabinet members have said "unnecessarily abusive" things against Trump during the campaign.

Farage also reiterates that Trump wants to offer him a job, and that is why he will be off to the U.S. again to meet with the Republican leader. Earlier, the President-elect announced on his Twitter account that Farage will do a great job as the U.K.'s ambassador to the US, but Downing Street reacted that there is currently no vacancy for Farage to fill.

Looks like Farage can still work something out with his impending meeting with Trump and his team. He won't answer questions for now, however, whether he is open to acquiring a dual citizenship in order to work in the U.S. and for Trump.

What Farage assures of is his continued confidence that Trump would do great as the next U.S. President. He believes Trump could become a " hero" if he helps " blue collar America". He also says that Trump's stand on building walls and preventing terrorists from moving to America also make a lot of sensible sense.

Farage also agrees with Trump's preferred approach with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin-that of talking to him instead of provoking him since it should be recognized that on the fight against Islamic terrorism, Russia, US and even the UK are on the same page.

Possibly another reason, aside from his desire to work with Trump and help him, that Farage is looking forward to going back to the US is his perilous state of security in the U.K. these days.

Farage reveals that threats to his life are so unbelievably " full-on" now that he could not go out in the streets of London or go on night out drinks without security. " I've got no life, I can't do anything, I can't go anywhere", Farage wails, saying he has to limit his trips to really " private venues and places."

He had an unpleasant and scary incident just last week when he was threatened with glass. He also reveals continuously receiving death threats. Last year, there were attempts to harm and attack him at the campaign rallies which authorities were able to prevent.

Maybe US can be a " haven" for him while serving under the Trump administration-on which capacity is something to watch out for.

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