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Photo credit: Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office

House Of Horrors: Spotsylvania Man Held Woman And Two Children Captive For Two Years

A Spotsylvania man is now being blamed for holding his lover and their kids hostage inside a home for over two years without letting them leave.

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The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office says representatives went to the home in the 3600 piece of Mine Road at around 5 PM on Saturday after receiving a 911 call from somebody worried that they had not heard from their relative in a long time.

Once law enforcement arrived for a welfare check, they the talked with 43 year old Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore, in his front yard, who then acted shocked that they were concerned, and his behavior seemed suspicious, according to police.

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The Sheriff’s Office says Moore ended up plainly equivocal when representatives revealed to him that they were there to beware of his family’s welfare.

Spotsylvania Sheriff's Lt. Charles Carey said police insisted upon inspecting the premises when suddenly a woman and two children emerged from a basement side door, at which point they told officers that they had not been allowed to go outside in two years.

Police say the woman, 32 years of age, is Moore's girlfriend, and that the 8 year old and 11 year old children are their kids.

The mother of the kids told the police she and her children were not held in bondage inside the home, but that Moore did not allow them to leave even a single time in those two years.

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The Sheriff’s Office says it discovered that the three had been held against their will inside the home for over two years, and that local schools did not have record of either child ever attending their facilities.

Neighbors were stunned to hear that such an atrocity was occurring right in their neighborhood, which they described as a quiet and friendly place.

“Something like this occurred in Cleveland and I’m from Cleveland and I never would have thought it would be something directly behind my home,” one neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous said.

Most people in the area knew about the house. It’s a little white farm home with grass about two feet tall on the greater part of the property.

“It’s serene around here,” Christina Lovos said while strolling the family canine in one of those adjacent neighborhoods. “Particularly down here on Mine Road like when we have cordial neighbors around here, I didn’t think something like this could happen.”

Lovos said she trusts individuals should be more defensive in the wake of something like this occurs in their group.

Another neighbor, Amy Fitzpatrick, who was out walking her dog, said what occurred at that Mine Road home is not an impression of security in their calm neighborhood.

“Everyone’s awesome here. Everything is extraordinary here. It’s a shock, a major amazement,” Fitzpatrick said.

Sheriff Roger Harris,said in an announcement that “this case is a suggestion to all nationals to be watchful and report any movement that you believe is suspicious or essentially strange. One telephone call could have a noteworthy effect in somebody’s life.”

“No missing persons reports were ever filed for the family,” Lt. Carey said, and police have not yet confirmed if the mother remained in contact with her family during the time she claims she was held captive.

The kids, one 8 years of age and the other 11 years of age, were transported to a nearby hospital for examination and then brought to stay with relatives.

Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore is now being held without bond on three counts of abduction by force, intimidation or deception, and one count of assault and battery; at the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.


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