By: Jasalle Jash | 11-27-2016 | News

Ted Cruz Blames Obama Administration for Development of Castro’s Tyrannical Regime

Following the death of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, ex-presidential candidate for the GOP Ted Cruz blamed President Barack Obama’s administration for the development of the tyrant’s regime.

According to Cruz, Obama’s weak policies on Cuba made the Castro regime even more powerful.

After Fidel stepped down from his position, he was immediately replaced by his brother Raul, who then continued his dictatorship over Cuba. When Fidel died on Nov. 25, Cruz said he had a discussion with his father regarding his death’s effect on Cuba as a whole.

As noted by Cruz’s father, the late dictator’s death will probably not cause a significant change in Cuba primarily because Raul is still in power, whose regime has gotten even more powerful and sadistic due to Obama’s presidency.

“What the Obama administration has done is strengthen Raul Castro,” Cruz told ABC News. “Raul is the dictator now. I asked my dad at dinner last night, ‘What do you think happens now that Fidel is dead?’ And he shrugged and said, ‘Raul has been in charge for years. The system has gotten stronger.’”

“What Obama has done is funneled billions of dollars to Raul Castro, which is being used to oppress dissidents,” he added. “In 2016, roughly 10,000 political arrests occurred in Cuba – that is five times as many as occurred in 2010, when there were only about 2,000.”

Cruz also blamed Obama’s weak relationship with Cuba as one of the reasons behind the development of the new Castro regime. For years, there have been talks about the president lifting the trade ban on Cuba.

However, aside from strengthening Cuba’s resources, which can then be used by the current regime to commit more human rights violations, lifting the trade embargo could also expose American companies that will operate in the communist country to various risks and dangers.

According to Cruz, his father is hoping that under Donald Trump’s administration, the U.S.’ policies on Cuba will be reinforced to prevent the current regime from becoming more powerful. Aside from Cuba, Cruz is also expecting to see the same results on the U.S.’ other enemies such as North Korea and Iran.

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