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UK Couple Live-Streamed Abuse of 5-Year-Old Girl to a Pedophile in California

A dastardly couple in the UK allegedly abused a five-year-old girl while live streaming the act to a pedophile-woman in California. They have been charged with sexual assault.

Craig Forbes and former partner Sarah Gotham will face four joint counts of sexual assault, with Gotham getting two further counts of sexual assault.

The pedophile woman identified as Kori Ellis in California confessed that she thought the girl was about five years old.

The Daily Mail reported that prosecutor Heather Hope said at the trial conducted in Plymouth that the victim was “most probably drugged at the time” and the evidence was “downright revolting”.

The prosecutor also said that the former couple engaged in about five live-stream acts from late 2012 to early 2013 and were referred to as “shows”. Gotham at times would carry the abuse by herself in the house.

The abuses were only discovered after the FBI was looking into child abuse and stumbled a Skype name called Bad Girl Next Door, which led them to the woman in San Francisco and her engagement with the UK-based couple. Ellis was arrested by FBI officers at her San Francisco flat in April 2015. She admitted outright that she had contact with other pedophiles, including then couple Forbes and Gotham.

Ellis shared to the FBI that Gotham 34 was “chatty” and her Skype name was “Sarah Girls Only”. Ellis cooperated with investigators in an attempt to get a reduction in her prison sentence. Officers from the UK courts flew to the US to interview Ellis.

The UK court heard Ellis and the couple got in contact via a ‘chat roulette’ website which introduces random people who share interests and hobbies through a key word. In their case, the supposed key word was ‘paedo’ or ‘paedophiles’.

The child-victim’s identity remains unknown as Hope said: “There is no direct evidence who the child was. The little girl was asleep.”

Gotham has denied the six charges lodged against her. The trial will continue.


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