By: Earnest Jones | 11-28-2016 | News
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Mainstream Media Accuses Alt-Media Outlets That Question The Establishment Of Espionage

There is a malicious campaign that the mainstream media is conducting against any news outlet that appears to be independent and against the biased government tales. Any news outlet that appears to be indifferent is branded as Russian propagandist.

The absurd approach by the mainstream media has taken a different turn as it strives to recover from the awakening that the masses have stumbled upon. The insufficient proof has resulted in calls for Department of Justice and FBI investigations sighting violations of Espionage Act.

The fact that the mainstream media is branding other news outlets as illegitimate or ‘fake news’ and accusing them of espionage due to their effective use of authentic journalism is sarcastic.

The mainstream corporations, media has proved to be reckless due to its lack of journalistic integrity and violation of ethics. The trend was pioneered by the Washington Post after it reported that two independent researchers behind ‘fake news’ had been exposed adding that the Russians were involved; surprisingly, Washington Post added that the two researchers were in collaboration with Russia in an effort to aid the President-elect Donald Trump win the just concluded election. The Washington Post concluded saying that the efforts of the independent researchers were undermining the democracy.

In a lede from the Washington Post, there were reports that this election was flooded by ‘fake news’ which happened to have been backed by a complex Russian propaganda campaign that circulated biased and inaccurate articles in the web with an end goal of helping Donald Trump, gruel the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and ruin faith in the Democracy.

The Washington Post included statements that highlighted the purported Russia’s complex propaganda, the Post highlighted networks of websites, botnets, social media accounts, and human trolls. The Post went ahead to state that the Russian propaganda aimed at portraying Hillary Clinton as a public enemy who wanted to hand over the U.S. to a bunch of globalist. It’s outrageous that the Washington Post made loads of claims without any evidence to accompany the claims and allegations. The allegations by Washington Post have been heavily criticized by many including some mainstream media outlets such as Fortune which refuted this claim saying that it’s ridiculous that every piece of news coming from the alt-media outlets is said to come from the Russian agents.

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