By: Red Pill | 08-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: Fort Worth Police Department

Officer Hit By Car During Ft. Worth Traffic Stop Caught On Dashcam

What started as a typical routine traffic stop on Interstate 30, near Oakland Boulevard in east Fort Worth, Texas, turned into a nightmare scenario for one officer.

Police Officer Matt Lesell pulled over a car for speeding and began to approach the driver's window, when about ten seconds into Lesell’s dashcam footage, another car came crashing into the first car on the shoulder and flipping Lesell into the air.

Miraculously, Lesell was able to not survive but managed to walk to the side of the highway, out of the way of oncoming traffic.

“Every time I watch the video I’m still surprised it was not worse,” Officer Lesell said. “My job is going to accidents and seeing horrific events, and I’ve seen accidents that don’t look nearly that bad, but there were worse injuries. I’m lucky with how it turned out.”

Officer Lesell is now recovering from a hyperextended foot and a fractured vertebra, with doctors estimating that he’ll have to miss work for another month during the recovery process.

After the crash the driver of the second vehicle was arrested for driving under the influence as it was determined he was intoxicated.

Mike Mitchell, the 34 year old driver of the car that struck Lesell, has been charged with intoxication assault causing serious bodily injury to a police officer, a second-degree felony, according to Tarrant County court records.


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