By: Savannah Smith | 11-27-2016 | News
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Trump Calls Recount Efforts As A Scam; Conway Hits Hillary As A Sore Loser

During the campaign, Hillary Clinton and her team were adamant that Republican candidate Donald Trump accept the would-be results of the election. During the last presidential debate, when asked if he would accept the election outcome, Trump merely said he would answer at a proper time and will " keep you in suspense". Yet, Hillary acted shocked and said " that's horrifying! He is denigrating our democracy and I for one am appalled!".

And then the amazing upset victory of Donald Trump happened against predictions of mainstream media and most so-called established polls.

Still in her concession speech, Hillary showed grace when she said " we must accept this result and look to the future". She also asked for people to give President-elect Donald Trump the chance to lead and wished him well.

Then while he is so busy now ensuring he assembles the best cabinet possible for his administration, here comes Hillary suddenly supporting moves to put the credibility of the election result in question.

Clinton's camp has announced that it will be joining Green Party-led efforts for a recount in Wisconsin. Presidential candidate Jill Stein raised funds in a matter of days worth almost $5 million- astoundingly far more than what she has raised in totality for her entire presidential campaign. Stein is also projecting to reach $7 million for a recount as well of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Trump has called Stein's move as a scam, as Stein and her party may be more interested in filling their coffers with money since most of the donations raised she may not even spend on the recount efforts.

Stein has indicated on her website that the money raised may be spent on " other matters" should recounts not be carried out. She has also said in prior interviews that they do not really have solid evidence that the voting was rigged in the three states they wish to initiate recounts. Experts are also skeptical of any election irregularities.

Trump reiterated in his statement that the people have spoken, the election is over, Hillary has conceded, and so the result should be respected, instead of it being challenged just like what Stein is doing.

Hillary's team, however, is making things worse by joining Stein and saying it is the obligation of Hillary to do so for the sake of those who voted for her.

Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway minced no words in describing Hillary and her new BFF Stein as " a pack of sore losers," firming reminding every one of how Hillary insisted during the campaign for the election result to be respected and upheld.

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