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Father Secretly Films 21-Year Old Daughter While She Was Taking a Shower

A father has done the unimaginable in Malaysia by secretly filming his then 21-year-old daughter while taking a shower in July last year. For his sick offense, the father was sentenced to four months in jail.

The 48-year-old Malaysian father pleaded guilty to “insulting the modesty” of his daughter in their Toh Yi Drive flat in predominantly-Islam Malaysia while having a strictly private shower time.

The man whose identity can not be revealed due to a court gag order tied a black mobile phone to the pipe below the basin inside the bathroom. The daughter discovered the mobile phone and saw that it was on record mode. She stopped the recording and played back the video to see in shock a video of her in the nude while taking a shower. She also saw a few other videos showing the face of her own father adjusting the camera angle.

The daughter angrily confronted her dad who admitted that he had been recording her showers for the past two weeks then before he got busted. She deleted the videos before she returned his phone to him. She moved out of their flat to live with her colleague immediately after her shocking discovery of her father’s obscene acts.

The father later admitted to authorities that he had 20 other clips of his daughter taking a bath on his phone, but claimed that he has misplaced his device. He told authorities that the said videos were only for his “personal viewing.” It was not established if the man ever realizes the full impact of what he’s done, and why he could have done it to his own daughter.

On April this year, the father attempted to commit suicide. He is said to be suffering from depression. He also threatened his daughter during his foiled suicide try.

It is not clear why he was also sentenced to a four-month jail term for his deplorable offense against his own daughter.


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Anonymous No. 5987 2017-08-02 : 13:31

where is the video??

Anonymous No. 5988 2017-08-02 : 13:50

>A father has done the unimaginable in Malaysia

>breaking news

nigga who gives a shit

Anonymous No. 6008 2017-08-02 : 23:04

5988, She chose this so you wouldn't notice how many white people do the same. She only sees colored crimes, it's a by product of being racist. All colored criminals are guilty, all white criminals are invisible, shit style, shit style.

P.S, just to bug you, SS, I'm still white :)

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