By: Savannah Smith | 08-02-2017 | News
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Why Do Hillary Voters Keep Blaming Russian Interference?

The enemies, haters, and critics of President Donald Trump continue their relentless push for the narrative that he won last year’s presidential election largely thanks to Russian interference. Not only are they using that as an alibi for Hillary Clinton’s humiliating loss, but are also pining their hopes that soon they will be able to bring Trump down- and out of the White House- on the same “compelling” Russian interference card, too.

The odd thing is, no matter how the liberals, the Democrats, the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and allies have built such a “consensus” in blaming so-called Russian election interference as having practically delivered the Presidency to Trump, they have yet to bring forward even a single Trump voter who claims that he or she voted for Trump simply because he or she was swayed by Russian intervening in U.S. electoral affairs. It would have made a lot of sense and would certainly boost their narrative for them to let such voters come forward and admit their indignation or remorse for being tricked, manipulated or deceived by Russian influence to vote the way they did.

Of the 62,984,825 American voters who chose Trump over Hillary as their President, not one has ever claimed that he or she originally meant to vote for Hillary, but changed their mind because of what they have read or heard that put Hillary in a negative light while favoring Trump as perpetuated by Russian influence during the campaign. This is despite Hillary’s repeated claims that Russian interference through many forms, including the spread of fake news against her, did her in and dashed her presidential ambitions.

In fact, an ANC/WaPo poll in April says Trump supporters do not regret voting for him and did not ever attribute their change of heart on Russian interference or on any campaign news items, or “fake news.”

The truth is simple: if only Hillary and the liberals would not be too focused on washing their hands off internal accountability, or comforting themselves pathetically on what they believe is a “plausible” explanation why they lost the way they did. If only they would stop being dense, and listen now to what they failed to grasp during the campaign- the Americans repudiated and rejected them because their lives did not improve under Democrat and Obama leadership. They were not thinking about Russia and Russians when they voted, they never needed them to learn what they directly experience in their everyday lives under Obama and Democrats rule- loss of jobs, security fears, threats against their rights including second amendment, epic failures on health services and other basic services, crime and violence, among other concrete issues.

If they bothered to ask supporters who continue to believe in Trump’s leadership, those would be the same issues that are being discussed now, issued that have a direct, concrete impact on their decisions on who to vote for. For that same reason, not one Trump voter has come forward to decry Russian interference for influencing or manipulating them. The truth is, that what is a convenient narrative for liberals and Democrats, is actually meaningless to Trump voters.


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Anonymous No. 5975 2017-08-02 : 05:08

I don't care that Clinton lost, what I do care about is that if true, why Russia 'wanted' Trump in the Whitehouse. You can be glad that you chose Trump, fine, you should be concerned that Trump any of the following; A, the big one, Traitor, B, a willing or unwilling puppet, C, a unknowing stooge because he's considered a fool, D, a deliberate setup who whilst possibly unaware himself is a tool to cause instability, chaos, etc. There's a couple more but you get the picture. As I've mentioned elsewhere ignoring Clinton, if Trump was falsely elected, he's 'not' a legitimate president and 'all' actions undertaken by or for him are illegal/invalid, etc. While you may not care about that, the country needs a confirmed and 'legitimate' leader or else the constitution, democracy, etc are rendered meaningless, and to me that means 'you' are not true Americans.

Anonymous No. 5976 2017-08-02 : 05:14

Sorry I mean't to add one more thing, no one admits to being fooled, so why would you thnk voters from'any' side would be any different. So as regards this comment about voters, it's ridiculous and childish, knid of like the belief that 'every single person' in main stream media is a liar, oh apart from foxnews who are all 'magically' honest. Grow up.

Anonymous No. 5983 2017-08-02 : 06:30

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Anonymous No. 6013 2017-08-03 : 00:25

Anonymous 8/2/2017 7:30:11 No. 5983

stop LARPing faggot

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By the way, LARPing, really, says a lot about your lifestyle, mind you it says a lot about chumps, stay in denial stimpy.

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