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The reclusive internet hero, Julian Assange has just concluded the mystery over his existence; there were loads of conspiracy theorists who have been demanding proof of his existence. Assange has been out of the scene for weeks something that has upset many people. However, he has just concluded an interview which has just put to bed the many conspiracy theories and allegations.

In the recent weeks, allegations that Assange was missing were fueled by his absence since the October 3 following which his internet connection which was cut off and thereafter he disappeared from the Ecuadorian embassy located in London.

In his interview, Assange sounded a bit stuffed up although he promised that he would set precedent to proof he is alive, he added that it was not feasible to do balcony appearances very often. Assange also highlighted some current issues one of the being the death of Fidel Castro.

Assange has confirmed that he still has an asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and most importantly he reaffirmed that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton represents the establishment adding that her network comprises of power factions in the United States whilst she is very close to Saudi Arabia, yet she still lost.

In a bid to clarify the many questions that conspiracy theorists have been asking him on the status of his internet connection, Assange clarified that Ecuador had cut the internet without informing him as he also confirmed that there has been enormous pressure being exerted on Ecuador. He added that it’s not yet clear when he would be back online. However, he was optimistic that he was going to determine that in the next few days.

Assange has also confirmed that some people in the Ecuador government have proposed that his asylum should be ended. The interviewer also asked Assange if he was supporting Trump but he declined saying that he would publish documents exposing both sides; he however said that there has been enormous pressure from the UK and US against him publishing anymore documents.

Julian Assange has also declined having any relationship with the Russians. This confirms what the U.S. Intelligence stated that they are yet to find any relationship between the two.

Assange also expressed his empathy towards Hillary Clinton saying that she is tormented by her hunger for power. He also confirmed that Hillary Clinton unified the establishment but Mr. Trump had no connection to DC political/intelligence establishment. Assange also criticized the media for it’s disgraceful behavior.

Assange has also confirmed that there has been no attempt to seek pardon from Trump’s administrations adding that many thought that Trump would not win the election based on the pollsters in which no one wanted to admit that they intended to vote for Trump. Assange contrasted the U.S. with the U.K saying that in the U.S. there was more conformity pressure.

Most importantly, Assange aslo addressed the controversial issue about many conspiracy theorists asking him to prove he is alive by providing PGP keys; he said that this are individuals who have minimal knowledge about computer technology saying that PGP keys prove nothing at all since PGP have everything to do with control.

Julian Assange has also expressed his disappointment with the Guardian and NYT saying that they were biased in their publishing something which has resulted in WikiLeaks discontinuing its co-operation with the publishers. Assange said that NYT and Guardian published the documents in a biased manner for their own benefit. Assange concluded saying that Lebanon was a great place and that he enjoyed the creativity and culture of the country.

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