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Curry House Staff Attack Patron With Baseball Bat

Staff of a curry house ganged up on a customer and beat him up using a baseball bat after he refused to pay the bill and walked out of the restaurant.

Three workers of the curry house Zeera in Stowmarket, Suffolk followed the diner all the way to the car park, and when they caught up with him, had him pinned against a wall, and then took turns to punch and kick him.

Footage of the incident also shows a fourth staff hitting the customer with the bat and screaming: “Pay the f** money now!”

Friends of the customer came to his defense but at that point, the waiters took off and left them in a hurry.

A source said the customer declined to pay because he was unhappy with the standard of the food. The manager said the unpaid bill was 83 euros or nearly $100. The manager also claimed that the group of four diners racially abused the staff.

The staff followed the diners as they stormed out of the restaurant, catching one of them and beating him up. A woman’s voice could be heard screaming in the footage while the beating was ongoing. A passerby was able to capture the ‘action’ on film.

Police said two of the staff were arrested for possible assault charge, but were also allowed to go while they investigate the incident further.

It is not clear whether the restaurant will also file a complaint against the diners who refused to pay their bill. It was not also clarified what exactly did they say to the staff for the manager to accuse them of racial abuse.

There are still no reports on the condition of the customer who was beat up, and if he sustained injuries as a result of the assault.

Authorities did not yet release the identities and nationalities of the customers and restaurant staff.


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Anonymous No. 5963 2017-08-02 : 01:39

Oh please, you might not 'know', but face it vthere's only one reason you'd pick this story. Anyway, if you've eaten the food, you pay the bill, cheap ass racist drunks doing a skip, sad wankers.

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