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A free-speech panel featuring conservative pundit Ann Coulter was interrupted by protesters dressed in Nazi garb at the Politicon convention in Pasadena, California, over the weekend. Coulter was set to discuss censorship on campus.

One of the footage covering the incident shows one of the protesters shouting, “Our Nazi leader! Our Nazi leader!”. A different clip also shows a protester yelling, “Heil, Trump!” while giving the Nazi salute while accompanied by a similarly dressed man.

As you'd expect, the capacity crowd of political junkies was not going to put up with it. The protesters were drowned out by chants of “USA! USA! USA!” and “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as the pair were led away.

However, it didn't end there.Another couple began shouting “Trump, Pence must go!” KCAL-TV reported. And like the first pair of interlopers, the station said they were drowned out by the crowd reprising its “Trump! Trump!” chant before getting the hook from security.

The conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, recently had a personal experience with the free speech crisis on college campuses. Coulter was set to speak this spring at the University of California, Berkeley where left-wing protesters previously rioted over the prospect of conservative views being publicly aired. However, Coulter canceled her speech due to lack of security and support.

One of the attendee, Patrick Lindsay, told KCAL he wanted to hear Coulter’s views given the growing number of voices against free speech. He expressed his concern to the station by saying that he thinks that the First Amendment is under attack.


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Nazi-Clad Protesters Interrupt Coulter at Free Speech Panel

Earnest Jones, I didn't know you were coming out, which Shitlerite were you?

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