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Teenage Girl Jumps Off Nevada Casino Parking Garage Committing Suicide

A 13 Year Old Las Vegas Valley teenager took her own life in a terrifying jump that was caught on film.

Now her family is left looking for answers as to why someone so young would end their lives in such a tragic fashion. Metro Police say she jumped to her death from a casino parking structure on the west side of the valley.

Maria Kruger never made it to class Thursday morning at Sig Rogich Middle School. When her mom found out she wasn't in school, she knew something was wrong, but never imagined her daughter was dead.

"I never dreamed that I would have to bury my baby," said Stefanie Kruger, Maria's mother. She is devastated by the loss, as would be any parent in a similar situation.

"We think it was just she felt like she didn't have a lot of friends and I guess she forgot that she had a large family that loved her very much and would do anything for her," Kruger said.

The teen's mom believes her daughter was bullied. "I would have moved her from that school if I had thought for one second she was that unhappy. I would have done anything for her," Stefanie said.

She went on to say, "If they say that they are having problems try to get to the bottom of it. We had conversations but I never thought she was in the dark place she was in."

Maria’s younger brother Danny has especially taken it hard over the tragic loss of his sister, according to Stefanie Kruger.

Stefanie said she spends all day every day looking at old pictures and remembering the good times with her daughter Maria.

"We loved listening to music together. We would go and swim and have music playing in the background. There was always music."

She is now pleading with other mothers and fathers to have conversations with their children as often as possible and to listen to them and look for warning signs that they may be considering harming themselves.

"Any parents out there, you hug your kids as hard as you can don't let them pull away from you."

So far this year, there have been seven other kids under 18 years old who have committed suicide, according to the Clark County Coroner's Office.


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Jackie No. 5972 2017-08-02 : 03:12

This video was downtown reno and her name was ali she was not a teenager.

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