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Fidel Castro died at age 90

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Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was an America Spanish who was born back in the year 1926 on the 13th of August, he was known as Fidel Castro. The late Fidel Castro was a revolutionary and a Cuban Politician who governed as Prime Minister in the Republic of Cuba from the year 1959 to 1976. Fidel proceeded and became President from 1976 to 2008; the late Fidel Castro was a Cuban nationalist and Marxist-Leninist. He also happened to be the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. Cuba became a one-party communist state under his administration.

Fidel Castro was born as the son of a wealthy farmer in Biran. Fidel adopted leftist anti-imperialist politics while he was in University of Havana. The late Fidel was part of rebellions against right-wing governments in Colombia and Dominican Republic where he planned to overthrow President Fulgencio Batista but his first attempt in the year 1953 was unsuccessful.

Fidel played a key role in the Cuban Revolution since he led the guerrilla war; he defeated the Batista forces and assumed political and military power as Cuba’s Prime Minister.

The late Fidel was contentious and divisive world leader who was decorated with international awards; some praised him for being anti-imperialism, humanitarianism, and champion of socialism.

The former leader of the Communist revolution and president has died at the age of 90 years as announced by the state TV.

Fidel ruled Cuba for almost half a century as a one-party state before his brother Raul took over back in 2008.

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