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World’s Obsession with Trump Commands a Bookmaker as Head of Trump Bets

The world is obsessed with President Donald Trump- from the serious, the grave, the grim to the trivial, the funny and even in the wild world of betting. Trump is said to be such a big business in betting that more bets are placed on him than on the once most bet- appealing sports like boxing, motor racing or even golf. So much so that a search has been mounted to find the only dedicated Trump bookmaker.

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Betting giant Paddy Power launched an advertisement to look for the industry’s dedicated Trump bookmaker, and more than 100 people from around the world responded to the call and applied for the full-time ‘job’. One of those who vied for the post was someone who even worked for one of Trump’s casinos in the past.

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The coveted job, however, went to Joe, a 35-year-old father of two and the position will be his alone for as long as Trump remains in office. He holds the title “Head of Trump Bets.”

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Joe gives the forecast that for now, the odds are 2/1 on Trump being re-elected in 2020. He is also giving the White House occupant odds of 4/6 on being impeached over alleged links to Russia.

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Bets have come in immediately, with the current count standing at around 150 offers on so many aspects of Trump’s life, some being more serious than others. Some are trivial, if not truly ridiculous. Those include such bets as: “Trump to paint the White House gold (500/1); “The Donald to add his own face to Mount Rushmore (100/1); “France to ask for the return of the Statue of Liberty (50/1); “Trump to change gender” (100/1); “Donald to play a round of golf with Obama ( 4/1); “Trump to grow a Hitler moustache (66/1); “The Rock to stand against Trump in 2020 (25/1); “A Trump sex tape to be leaked online (14/1); “Trump to confirm he has had hair surgery” (2/1), among others.

Joe has been a bookmaker for 15 years running and he explains people’s interest in Trump as he said: “There’s no one in the world like Donald Trump and people are fascinated by him. He is far more popular than Brexit was with the betting public. If Trump is qualified to do that, then I don’t think any other job or candidate can be seen as ridiculous.”

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But like surveys during the presidential campaign, can bets be trusted? Are they “credible”? Just like polls, the bookies got it wrong with Trump. When Trump first made the announcement of his intention to run for the U.S. presidency, bookies regarded him as a joke candidate and offered odds of 250 to one. In the end, of course, the joke was on the bookies and we all knew who went laughing his way to victory and to the White House- Trump himself. Paddy Punter paid a hefty four million euros to punters who chose Trump to win the presidency.

On the last week of the campaign in November just before the election, four London customers had staked 10,000 euros on a Trump victory. On the day before the election, another 25,000 euros bet was placed on Trump becoming the 45th U.S. President over Hillary Clinton, at odds of 4/1.

More than 50,000 bets were placed with PaddyPower on the U.S. Election- almost double than the bets placed on Brexit.

Now as Head of Trump Bets, Joe closely follows Trump’s tweets, always on the look out for clues on what punters are most likely to bet on next. One of those tweets that attracted lots of attention was the now famous May 31 tweet: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Punters raced to place bets on what Trump could have meant by “covfefe.” They ended up returning all bets because Trump did not confirm within the 48 hour period the answer to the puzzle and to the bet.

Joe as Head of Trump Bets certainly has one of the most fun and entertaining jobs in the world, no bets needed for that.


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1/1000 Trump's skull is empty apart from for sale sign :)

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