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Readers Turn To Goldwater For Truth Reporting As Trust In Vice Plummets: Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media Tries To Censor Free Speech From Alt-Media With The ‘Fake News’ Guise

Media consolidation has been a peculiarity that American readers have had to struggle with, this is because of the handful of powerful organizations that control the mainstream news sites. However, readers have awakened to the truth and the news coming from the corporate media is being treated with a great degree of skepticism.

The enormous loss of credibility in the mainstream media has led to unfruitful efforts as the mainstream tries to discredit the alt-media by trying to censor free speech with the ‘fake news’ guise which is nothing but a buzzword. The has recently pulled such a move by trying to attack Goldwater under the guise of fake news. Well, this is just another typical case of the mainstream media trying attack the conservative news sites in hopes of diverting attention from the truth seekers.

The is simply at an all-time low in the ability to report accurate, fair, and full news reports. This prompts the site to drift into publishing uninformed content that’s totally biased.

In what appears to be a move to silence competition, is so insecure that it has recently published an article that’s purely aimed at tarnishing the image of the alt-media sites hoping to get some readers but everyone knows how counterproductive such allegations happen to be.

The also happens to misrepresent facts as is the case with the mainstream media by portraying Goldwater as advertisement based whilst this is not the case, Goldwater is not an advertisement based news service; the content is unbiased. Unlike what the reports in its biased article, Goldwater has no advertisements even in the corresponding Youtube channel. and other mainstream media sites top the list for this season’s losers. The loss of faith in journalism will result in harm to the nation. This has reduced the percentage of Americans that trust national news to 18 percent whilst only 22 percent trust the local news; this is based on a report issued by the Pew Research Center.

The mainstream media ought to take this matter seriously, whenever readers distrust and question the legitimacy of journalism, the results are fatal. Democracy is affected adversely; the misinformed, uninformed, or dis-informed masses are unable to make the right decisions. This causes Democracy failure in the long-term.

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fuck vice

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