By: Earnest Jones | 11-26-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Pledges To Refocus NASA On Space And Eliminate The Politicized Climate Research

The President-elect Donald Trump has plans to restore NASA and make it great again; Mr. Trump will do this by eliminating the politicized research on the so-called climate change. In a report made by Britain’s far-left Guardian who appears to be biased against Mr. Trump says that Trump’s plan will refocus NASA’s mission on Space and get rid of the politicized research that focuses on phony issues.

This will see the Earth Science division of NASA stripped of the funds in a bid to push the deep space exploration as the president-elect has set goals over the campaign period to explore the deep space and the entire solar system with a short timeline extending to the end of the century.

The will set everything that NASA focuses on in perspective by ensuring that the phony issues such as the research into ice, clouds, temperature, and other climate issues are eliminated. The satellites that NASA network operates provide large sums of information concerning climate change while the Earth Science division budget is set to increase to $2 bn by next year in contrast the Space Exploration has been scaled with a budget of $ 2.8 bn for the year 2017.

In a statement made by a senior adviser to Trump’s administration, Bob Walker, it’s not the best thing for NASA to engage in the politically correct environmental monitoring.

Bob Walker made a statement to the Guardian in which he clearly states that NASA should engage in a exploration roles that revolve around deep space research. Bob added that Earth Centric Science should be allocated in other agencies that focus on earth based mission’s solely.

Bob added that it’s not possible to bring all the NASA’s ongoing programs to a halt but in future, there are a lot of programs that NASA is handling which ought to be placed in the right perspective by collaborating with other agencies. The top adviser to Trump’s administration also emphasized that Mr. Trump’s administration understands that Climate Research is a crucial issue but he also added that the issue had been politicized and consequently, undermining the work that researchers are doing. However, he said that Trump’s decisions will be based on solid science unlike the current politicized decisions. This will be based on the knowledge that NASA is a space agency and not an earth and water agency and hence it’s important to channel the money to researching and studying space.

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Anonymous No. 598 2016-11-27 : 01:03

Thank you President elect Trump. I am doing my happy dance.

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