By: Earnest Jones | 11-26-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Supporters On Reddit Mailing The New York Times With Salt

In a campaign, titled SendEmSalt, Reddit users have started sending the New York Times offices with huge bags of salt; this is aimed at ridiculing the New York Times for their salty reactions to the victory of Donald Trump after he won the Presidential election.

The Donald, which is the largest community on Reddit supporting Donald Trump has seen its users posting threads titled #SendEmSalt, all this is taking place in an attempt to deliver approximately one ton of salt to the New York Times. In a thread posted by one of the user’s, they say that while they were viewing the front page of the New York Times, they were inspired by Pede’s (which refers to Trump supporters) act of sending 25 pounds of salt, and that’s where the idea of sending an entire ton of salt in a brave move to portray patriotism.

Sending bags of salt is a symbolic gesture of how angry Donald Trump’s supporters are to New York Times salty reaction after Trump’s victory. The President-elect has made a statement that New York Times, of all publications treated high in a rough manner, Trump added that he has great respect for the New York Times.

However, Trump highlighted how he had been treated unfairly but the New York Times went to the next level and treated him roughest of all publications.

In a statement made by a reddit user, a total of 105 twenty five pounds of salt bags have been mailed to the New York Times, this exceeds the one ton amount that users hoped to deliver to the publication.

The New York Times Senior Vice President of Communications, Eileen Murphy refused to confirm or decline if the publication had received the salt; this comes after Breitbart reached out to NYT asking the same. However, Eileen replied to the email saying that if the salt bags had been received, they would be placed in dumpsters. This is bad news to Reddit users who hoped that the salt would put to good use, perhaps in a homeless kitchen.

In a thread posted by a Reddit user, they advised the NYT to donate the salt to some needy institution like a homeless hospitality kitchen; adding that the NYT shouldn’t hoard it nor send it back, instead they should do something good with it.

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