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PA Rapist Wrote in Diary ‘I Truly Enjoy the Hunt’

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania say that a man who was convicted of attempting to rape a real estate agent will spend the next 10 to 20 years in a Pennsylvania prison after his sentence.

The rapist, Frank Yeager, was originally convicted of attempted rape back in 2013. State Police have stated to the press that the man claimed to them he fantasized about raping multiple women on various occasions.

The courts say he was convicted of premeditating a plot to commit a rape of a real estate agent who fit his personification of a “Paris Hilton” type. The agent somehow managed to escape after Yeager tried to force her to go upstairs in a secluded model home she was showing him as he pretended he was interested in purchasing it.

Local media also said that Yeager’s diary and computer searches were clear evidence that showed he had on multiple occasions planned out the attack and was determine on raping the victim.

Yeager’s diary was filled with multiple demented drawings and delusional writings detailing rape fantasies. He spent more than five total months working on the plan, including putting together a massive list of more than 200 real estate agents in which he would target.

“I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize,” One diary entry read. “If you are reading this I found a realtor woman and raped her. I have been planning and have wanted this my whole life.”

Yeager just recently plead guilty to attempted rape but later appealed the original sentence,but courts determined that Yeager’s initial sentence was legitimate and it was Upheld on Tuesday by a state Superior Court in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.


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Anonymous No. 5888 2017-07-31 : 01:12

I know you wont believe it, but that is the same personality trait that Trump has.

HarleyRose No. 5905 2017-07-31 : 14:01

This guy??

We love the Pennsylvania Amish, but we gotta get a handle on the inbreeding.

This guy is proof!

Anonymous No. 5911 2017-07-31 : 14:37

Shh, f, fucks sake, don't let Trump gear. Don't you know about him and …. cough, um, er, nevermind.

IVAN No. 6024 2017-08-03 : 02:29


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