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Law enforcement says a woman who suffered terrible burns over most of her body in a Pennsylvania hospital has died from the injuries she sustained.

Investigators say that 66 year old Val Cooper, of Williamsport, Virginia, was a patient at UPMC Susquehanna Williamsport Regional Medical Center, when nursing staff rushed into her room and noticed her hospital gown was burning.

The medical staff say that a she had been sitting, when they smelled smoke, they came running into the room to see what had happened.

The Lehigh County Coroner's Office pronounced the woman dead shortly after 5 PM at Lehigh Valley Hospital, in Cedar Crest.

Detectives say that Cooper's clothing caught on fire Tuesday while she was on a supplemental oxygen tank in the Williamsport hospital.

Authorities say she had a lighter in her possession, and she may have been trying to sneak and smoke a cigarette in the room.

Fire officials verified that the blaze was started accidentally by the lighter. The death was ruled accidental.


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