By: Diana Printz | 11-25-2016 | News

Liberals Suggest Ruining Thanksgiving for Relatives Who Voted for Trump

As the country celebrated Thanksgiving Day, many liberals and supporters of Hillary Clinton listed ways of how their like-minded peers will be able to endure the holiday with relatives who voted for Donald Trump.

Contradicting the president-elect's calls for unity, these individuals encouraged causing conflicts within families.

Instead of respecting the time-honored family tradition and being thankful for everything they have, some individuals decided to publish online articles advising their fellow liberals on how they will be able to cope, ignore or even disrespect their relative who are Trump supporters.

In one article posted by Samantha Bee on Medium, she suggested that if a Republican family member leads the grace before dinner, then liberal should just take a knee. This, of course, is a reference to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's disrespectful act of taking a knee before an NFL game while the U.S. national anthem plays in the background.

In her last piece of advice, Bee also suggested that it would be acceptable to stab a relative with a knife as long as that person is a Republican and is a dedicated supporter of Trump.

In another article posted on Mother Jones, the author, Kevin Drum, noted that the only way liberal will be able to understand their conservative relatives is by watching Fox News and listening to talk radio all day. While stereotyping conservatives, Drum also noted that engaging in these activities is too much of a chore especially for liberals.

The other articles published online, such as those from MSNBC and Yahoo! News, suggested completely skipping out on Thanksgiving Day with the family. By doing so, liberals will be able to avoid getting into confrontations with their relatives who hold different political perspectives. This notion, however, promotes distancing one's self from relatives even during the holiday.

The authors of these articles surely missed the entire point of Thanksgiving, which is appreciating everything you have in your life, including your family. Instead of accepting the beliefs and opinions of the people around them, they would rather start arguments and cause division within their own families.

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