By: Savannah Smith | 07-29-2017 | News
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Girl Gets A Hammer Stuck in Her Mouth, Live Tweets

The online world is becoming a venue for people especially millennials to show their most whimsical and bizarre side. Take the case of teenager Kalye, when on a whim she got a hammer stuck on her mouth- and everything unraveled on Twitter from start to finish until she got out of the sticky situation.

The 14-year-old had the time and interest to post her terrifying and embarrassing dilemma on Twitter to share to her friends and the online world, but not to go to her mom for help and rescue out of her trouble.

It all started as Kalye was chatting with a friend online about their favorite band. She sent her friend a photo of a handsome member of the band and raved at how gorgeous he was. She could not help but blurt out to herself and her friend: “Wow, he’s so beautiful I want to eat a hammer!”

And Kalye thought her friend was not taking her seriously on what she just said. And millennials want to be taken seriously, right? So what did the girl do? Prove that she’s “true to her word”, of course. And that’s exactly how a hammer got into her mouth- as strange as it may look and sound. Unfortunately for the teenager, the hammer got stuck in her mouth and that’s when she started facing a serious sticky situation, literally and figuratively.

Still, Kalye had the time to take to Twitter about her woe, instead of going straight to mom. She posted: “How do you tell your mom that you got a hammer stuck in ur mouth?”

It took her all of 8-10 minutes before finally getting the hammer out of her mouth. Oddly, some did not only sympathize with the teenager’s plight, some tweeted back to say what she went through is perfectly understandable.

One responded: “How could you NOT attempt to eat a hammer because of him he’s so adorable.” Another said that Kalye’s problem was “relatable.”

Some laughed at her. Kalye appears not to have been hurt by that stunt, with both her vanity and humor still intact, it seems. She expressed “concern” that she will be known as “hammer girl” for the rest of her life. Then later on tweeted: “A cute moment happened on a show I’m considering putting that hammer back in my mouth.”

“Kids these days”, indeed. Putting a hammer in one’s mouth, teenager or not, crooning over one’s celebrity crush or not, is definitely NOT advisable.


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