By: Savannah Smith | 11-24-2016 | News
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Trump Declares Start of National Campaign To Rebuild America On Thanksgiving Day

After a fiercely and bitterly fought campaign leading to his amazing victory and amidst some protests against his being the new leader, President-elect Donald Trump calls for national unity in his Thanksgiving message to the nation.

Trump also recalled the very essence of the establishment of the national holiday as envisioned by President Abraham Lincoln.

The 45th President of the United States also shared his prayer that everyone may heal from the divisions that tore the people apart so that the country may move forward, strengthened by a common purpose and a very common resolve.

Trump also recalled that in declaring the national holiday, President Abraham Lincoln called upon Americans to " speak with one voice and one heart". The incoming President said that the same challenge remains for us today.

The Republican also looked back at the just concluded elections and acknowledged that the campaign had been long and bruising. Trump is aware that emotions are still raw and tensions will not miraculously heal overnight. Yet he also reminded every one of the bigger battle ahead-to make good of that chance to bring real change to Washington, real safety to the cities, real prosperity to the communities including the inner cities.

The once outspoken candidate now shows humility as the new leader by asking everyone's help to succeed in his goals for America.

The President-elect also declared the rightful transition from a historical political campaign to a great national campaign to rebuild the country and restore the full promise of America for Americans.

Trump asked everyone to join the great national campaign and work with him for his dreams for America, emphasizing that the bonds of trust between citizens should be restored.

Trump believes that under a united America, there's absolutely nothing beyond the reach of the people.

The new President in keeping with the occasion and national holiday urged everyone to give thanks for whatever they have in life now, and " to boldly face the new frontiers that lies ahead".

He ended with an emphatic wish for blessings for everyone and especially for God to bless the great America.

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