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Diana Printz, explored Manila's Historical Place.

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Anonymous No. 5773 1501263204

It's beautiful

Anonymous No. 5798 1501289607

It is amazing, but that area has been owned by

at least 5 different countries.

Spain, England, United States and Japan have owned it, and now the Philippines.

Diana Printz No. 5800 1501289928

That place has a lot of story to tell, ghost hunting would be interesting too.

Graham Hantz No. 5803 1501290616

Great video, it makes me want to go there. Have my passport, and had the goal to vacation internationally in 2018… so the Philippines is now an option :D

Anonymous No. 5837 1501374528

I wonder where she stole that name from;

here's her best pic;



Diana Printz No. 5846 1501381570

Haha nice try…

Anonymous No. 5847 1501383032

Who's trying?

Fake news

Fake front man

Fake reporters

Fake names

A coward owner who pretends neutrality whilst avoiding risk in the Philipines

Interesting Fact, the Philipines is where certain Trump businesses are run from, utilising legal services in country. Last year Trump advisors take trip to Phillipines for 'business' purposes, shortly thereafter Mr Neutrality suddenly starts up Goldwater News which almost immediately starts playing kissyface with Trump. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Maybe we should go ask the FBI and/or Interpol to investigate. Can you imagine if it turned out Trump advisors were linked to a site that falsifies data, accuses senate members, etc of being traitors. There might be a financial and/or paper trail, say through his Phillipine lawyers. Just think what Extraordinary Rendition would do to your day. I wonder how many milliseconds Trump would stay in power?

Hah, but hey like I said who's trying. I thought you could have that one for free, it took me the time I spent writing it, approx 20 mins(bad hands). Do let me know if you want me to 'really' try :)

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