By: Earnest Jones | 11-24-2016 | News
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Trump Is Going To Prosecute Hillary Clinton Once He’s In Office

It’s funny how naïve people are. Remember, Mr. Trump wrote The Art of The Deal; he’s expertly playing the game to ensure he strikes at the ideal moment. The NY Post story had recently made an uninformed report that Donald Trump will not pursue charges against Clinton, contrary to Mr. Trump’s pledge during the election.

It’s unfortunate that the mainstream media is spreading such propaganda since Donald Trump has not said that he’ll not charge Hillary Clinton. This is yet another mild case of how the mainstream media is always broadcasting fake news and biased reports which have no factual evidence. The mainstream media is fond of misinterpreting information; following Kellyanne Conway’s word the mainstream media has exaggerated all this statements to make up their own propaganda.

As we all know Donald Trump is a master strategist, he’s simply practicing the Art of War by feigning weakness while he has enormous strength and power. Mr. Trump understands that the most ideal way to prosecute Hillary Clinton is to ensure that President Barack Obama doesn’t pardon her before Trump’s inauguration. The sitting president has the power to issue a blanket pardon for her crimes, this will stop further charges against her.

Donald Trump is just using Conway to put across the notion that he’s not interested in charging Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, when Donald Trump is sworn in and Obama is out of office, Donald Trump will then unleash his master plan and Lock Hillary Clinton.

Chances are that Hillary will be investigated in 2017 for her crimes. After Trump’s inauguration on the 20th of January, investigations will surface and prosecutions will continue as they are supposed to. Trump will not let Hillary walk away; the mainstream media has a track record of getting it wrong for the past 18 months and this is no exception that they are reporting that Trump won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. They’re too daft to realize they’re being played.

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