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Founder of Isis Amaq News Agency' and Other Senior Media Figures Killed by the Coalition Airstrikes

The death of the founder of the Amaq news agency has been announced by the US-led coalition fighting Isis. Amaq news agency is a propaganda wing of the Isis.

The founder, who was identified as Rayaan Meshaal, was killed in a coalition airstrike near Mayadin, Syria, between 25 and 27 May, commanders say. The death was announced along with a number of other Isis propaganda operatives.

The death of Meshaal was rumored in late May but this the first official confirmation from coalition forces. The propaganda agency is often used to claim responsibility for Isis or Isis-inspired attacks – including those in Manchester and London.

The agency also spreads extremist’s messages online and is used for recruitment purposes, including of foreign fighters. The terror group’s propaganda has been cited as a key factor in the indoctrination and instruction of terrorists around the world.

Inherent Resolve, which is the operational name of the multinational force fighting Isis, released a statement saying that is also declared the deaths of a number of other senior Isis members.

Abu Sulayman al-Iraqi, Bassam al-Jayfus, Abu-Khattab al-Rawi, Abu-Sayf al-Iraqi, Abu Ali al-Janubi and Ibrahim al-Ansari were all killed by coalition air strikes between April and July, according to the statement.

“The deaths of these terrorists eliminate senior leaders and facilitators with extensive experience and training, and degrades ISIS's ability to plan and conduct attacks on civilian targets in Iraq and Syria, as well throughout the region and in the West,” the statement said.

The release also revealed that the removal of the militants disrupted ISIS's propaganda production, distribution, and funding activities.

One of the key accomplices of the terror group was identified as Bassam al-Jayfus, he’s said to have handled ISIS funds for terror attacks. The coalition said his death disrupted ISIS's international money laundering network, which funds foreign fighters and attacks.

The other senior Isis propaganda official was identified as Abu Sulayman al-Iraqi, he provided strategic guidance and production oversight for the group’s notorious media. It’s believed that he was killed in an air strike near Mosul, Iraq, earlier in July.

The Senior media director Abu Ali al-Janubi was killed in Mayadin, Syria in April. Whilst the dead extremists were also high-ranking media personnel. Abu-Khattab al-Rawi was killed in Ba'aj, Iraq, in April.



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