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It's Happening! Congress’ Official Statement On Clinton Crime Family Investigations

Congress has officially released it's letter to the Attorney General of the United States Office at the Department of Justice.

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In the letter Congress tells Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that they're requesting their assistance in restoring confidence of the American people into the Justice system and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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They take particular time noting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller hasn't given Congress confidence that he's being impartial into investigating the actual evidence that sits before the public showing the corruption and interference on the left side of the aisle.

In mentioning also the investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Congress seems to imply that much of the evidence released by Wikileaks in previous information dumps should be substantially more likely to be inspected to bring about charges.

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Areas of concern which are implied as concerning are particularly involving the DNC’s under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s password initiation to Imran Awan (who is now charged with bank fraud, the mishandling of information that inevitably led to the DNC Leaks, Hillary Clinton's pay to play scheme with Russia where she sold the foreign government a portion of American uranium and in return the Clinton Foundation profited, the Wikileaks tips and the mysterious deaths (Seth Rich), allegations that surround how the information was actually obtained and granted to Julian Assange’s company, the now proven fake Trump dossier (which John McCain had knowledge surrounding), the now confirmed political operatives known as Fusion GPS (who also has been confirmed to have previous Russian ties as well as that to the DNC), the unmasking of individuals by Loretta Lynch, and where the wiretap orders of the Obama Administration on the Trump campaign originated.

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They also acknowledge that President Trump was absolutely correct in termination of James Comey, alleging that he not only mishandled classified data but should be investigated himself for potential crimes in doing so.

Congress seems to imply that former AG Loretta Lynch directed or even ordered James Comey to in some fashion cover up the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, since she was the Democratic presumptive Presidential Candidate.

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Congress makes clear that they require the DOJ to appoint a second impartial Special Counsel, seeming to imply that the judgment of Robert Mueller is biased, which it may be, considering he himself has a history of controversies.

Robert Mueller as Director of the FBI not only shut down the concerns and potential evidence from 9/11 victim's families during the 9/11 commission, but he also tried to brush off the advanced knowledge that the FBI had of an attack.

Robert Mueller also helped perpetuate the lies of the George W. Bush Administration that led the United States of America into the Iraq war under false pretenses and bogus evidence.

<strong><span style="color:red;">Congress is doing the right thing, and it looks like they're not only defending the Democratically elected President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, but they're ensuring that the real criminals will be brought to justice. It's happening.




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Anonymous No. 5737 2017-07-28 : 04:08

It's Happening

>inb4 paid shills comment to troll this thread


Anonymous No. 5740 2017-07-28 : 04:57

Paid shills are scared to come in this thread because they have been BTFO so hard that the moon might even start existing someday.

Trump Is The Wall No. 5743 2017-07-28 : 05:08

Mar 30, 2017 - Evelyn Farkas' 2 March 2017 MSNBC interview was decoupled from its context involving a 1 March 2017 article. Please include Evelyn Farkas name to the list of leakers in number 11 after Samantha Powers and before "or others".

Anonymous No. 5744 2017-07-28 : 05:16

R.P, The infamous shill of Trump makes first post to his own article. Nevermind, unpaid voice of logic states, if guilty as has already been said, send her downh, still no problem with that retard. However, the president is the one with the problem, everytime something comes out about russia, he screams fake news, even at people he chose. Instead of acting like a dick, let them actually do their job, if it turns out russia and/or some of his people were breaking the law, he'd want rid of them. I know this, if I was him I'd go after anyone Rep, Dem, whoever was a traitor and crush them, his problem is that he likes hiding stuff and that's the problem, anyone can be a liar, oir thief, or even a traitor. People like that rely on secrecy and protection.As I've said before R.P, I don't care who goes down, just as long as 'everyone' gets checked out, think of it this way, if the russia investigation was shut down as trump wants and clinton goes down(yay, the witch is dead, necktie time), what happens if 8 years from now some fuckstain in the inner circle turns out to be russian spy(or whatever), how many of 'you' will suddenly start screeching about why was the investigation stopped, it's amazing how many people suddenly forget thgeir part in it. me i don't give a shit about Trump(he's just an arsehole), what i care about is security. wanna call me leftard, rightard, fag, whatever, fine if it makes you feel good, you words are like mine, irrelevant, i'm just hopingf that enough people will fight through on all sides to 'whatever' the truth is, so you keep pretending your about america, i'll do what i need to. See ya on the other side pillboy.

Anonymous No. 5766 2017-07-28 : 11:35

>>5744 You need to learn to spell and formulate complete and well punctuated sentences.

Anonymous No. 5770 2017-07-28 : 16:12

As mentioned elsewhere nerve damage plus impatience helps causes my faulty spelling and sentence completion. Having said that, let's face it, I'm still far more articulate than 99% on here, and that includes the article writers.

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