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Texas Woman Indicted with Multiple Felonies For False Rape Charges

A Grayson County Grand Jury has returned four indictments against 19 year old Breana Rachelle Harmon, of Pottsboro on four charges, including three felony charges on Wednesday for making false reports of both kidnapping and sexual assault she made earlier this year in Denison.

Back in early March, law enforcement say that Denison police arrested Harmon after she allegedly admitted to fabricating a story claiming she was the victim of kidnapping and rape by three black men.

Police say that Harmon told them she was kidnapped by three men in ski masks and taken to the woods and was raped, authorities say.

Later, Harmon ran into a church wearing only underwear and a bra. Investigators say that the cuts on her jeans that were found did not match the cuts which were on her legs, and a nurse at the hospital did not find any evidence of a sexual assault when she examined Harmon.

Detectives also later found that the teen had deleted her Snapchat application from her mobile device before the alleged attack.

Upon further interrogation, Harmon told detectives that “things from her past started going through her head" and that she had "began cutting herself and her jeans” long before the alleged attack. She said she made up the rape and kidnapping story because she did not want her mother to know she cut herself.

The then teenager's fiance, Samuel Hollingsworth, claims that he had given her pepper spray and a pocket knife the same day as the reported abduction. Harmon also said that she had told him she heard about sex trafficking in the area, and that most of her claims were founded upon that premise.

Local media report that Hollingsworth has since claimed he was no longer in a relationship with Harmon and that she suffers from mental instability.

"Really, all I can say is I don't want any involvement with her at all," Hollingsworth said. “I just want to move on with my life. That part of my life is dead to me."

“Ms. Harmon was originally arrested for the misdemeanor offense of false report to a peace officer,” Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said in a press release Wednesday. “However, the more we have looked at what happened in this case, and considered the harm it caused, and certainly could have caused, we believe what she did fits these higher charges. What she did was very serious, and we believe it was felony conduct.”

In addition to the new criminal charges against, the Denison Police Department is seeking $8,000 in restitution related to the case, Denison Police Department told the press in a statement.

If convicted Harmon could face a maximum of ten years in prison.


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