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It's Time : House Judiciary Committee Approves Comey / Lynch Investigation

The House Judiciary Committee has overwhelmingly voted to launch an official investigation into the now former FBI Director James Comey’s illegal leaking activities to the press and also into Loretta Lynch’s failure to manage a Federal investigation into Hillary Clinton.

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Yes, the former Attorney General of the United States and the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are both under the microscope of investigation themselves. What a time to be alive.

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The brand new investigative efforts which were officially authorized by the passage of the amendment in the Judiciary Committee, by 16-13 along partisan party lines, intends to root beneath the surface in requesting both documents and information related to Comey’s illegal leaks of conversations that he maintained with the President of the United States.

Allegedly Democrats on the Committee are outraged that Republicans would actually want to protect the rights of the Presidency and seek justice, which is really nothing new from the Democratic Party that puts the protections of the elite before the value of the law.

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Republicans however with the passage of this amendment will now continue to press forward with the probe into Comey and Lynch, while Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton will face investigation right beside their corrupt implicit former protectionist puppets.

“This is the most astonishing moment I’ve ever experienced in the Judiciary Committee, ” said Democratic Representative from Tennessee Steve Cohen said. Apparently following the law is a real shocker to Democrats, who for over eight years simply could violate whichever laws of the land they wanted to without any implications or repercussions.

Representative Cohen goes on to say, “To take a question about the firing of James B. Comey and turn it into a question about Hillary Clinton? The chairman has left the room. Justice has left this room. Common sense has left this room. A lot of stuff has left this room, and maybe never entered it.”

What he failed to mention is that Hillary Clinton and James Comey also “took stuff from the room”, like 33,000 missing Clinton emails, and property that belonged to the taxpayers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation by James Comey.

The new amendment was initiated by Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Mike Johnson (R-LA). It not only overwhelmingly passed last night, but it officially gives authorization into the opening of the Judiciary Committee probe.

Of course the participants of this new investigation will likely choose not to cooperate, and if they do not cooperate the Committee will have the ability to use its broad subpoena power to compel document production and testimony.

House Speaker Paul Ryan will soon be forced to take off the chameleon colored paint and either support the probe, or intervene and use his power to block it, which many expect him to do since he's a literal “snake in the grass” who has been manipulating the White House for half a year with continuous promises of Healthcare reform and producing absolutely zero results.

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“There is little question that members of Obama’s administration repeatedly broke protocol throughout their investigations into Hillary Clinton,” said Paul Ryan's spokesman.

He went on to imply Ryan is again the corrupt pig we all believe he is by saying, “What is unclear, however, is why we have received few answers over the past twelve months to our questions about their actions, especially concerning the former attorney general and FBI director. The House Judiciary Committee has continued to seek answers on various issues of interest stemming from their hearings and oversight responsibilities. This is simply an effort to finally get some of those important questions answered.”

Yes, Paul Ryan is literally the swamp. It must be drained, and he's going to be somewhat of a problem in the future months unless the media can crank up pressure on this corrupt pig to squeal. There is zero reason for his spokesman to offer such a statement unless he intends to protect the Clintonian assets, which is what he's always done.

This new probe has long reaching arms of authority however, including a mandate for the House Judiciary Committee to dig deep into Lynch’s order to Comey that he should refer to the criminal investigation into former Secretary of State and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s illicit and obstructive email server as a “matter” not an “investigation”, in their clear cut efforts to protect the crime family of the Clintons.

Another intention of the new prove will also be to press for document production regarding Comey’s communications with Columbia University Law Professor Daniel Richman, Comey’s friend, of conversations Comey had with President Trump.

Richman is allegedly the shuttle used by Comey to launch leaks to the orbit of the media, with crucial information coming from what should have been private conversations with the President, being set into the press after Comey’s termination with the apparent intent of using the media pressure with the illegal leaks to benefit the Democratic Party's narrative.

Specifically, the lies surrounding the media narrative led to the recommendations of a special counsel investigation of the “muh Russia” claims of the left with absolutely zero evidence to support their assertions to begin with, outside of the fake news propaganda the fourth estate media decided to push.

Yes, we have an actual special counsel investigation right now with zero evidence whatsoever, which is being led by Comey’s longtime friend Robert Mueller, another former FBI Director who not only lied about the invasion of Iraq, but also assisted in silencing 9/11 victims families in the past.

Mueller is as corrupt as they come, and now he's in charge of overseeing an “investigation” with zero evidence at all, while there is mountains of evidence against Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch, and the media turns a blind eye.

Per the direct quotes from the new amendment passed by the House Judiciary Committee, the investigation will hold to the lens Comey’s move to “usurp the authority” of Lynch by making his “unusual announcement” that Hillary Clinton would not face any criminal charges over the email scandal.

Another peak interest will be into Comey’s knowledge of the firm Fusion GPS, the very firm that made the fake news anti-Trump dossier that Comey brought to Trump’s attention when he was President-elect, which John McCain has confirmed to have had knowledge of.

The outright hatred of Donald Trump from the GOP rhinos as well as the marxist left wing Democrats is beyond apparent, however this new amendment will look at any “collusion” between Comey and Mueller, the special counsel leading the Russian probe now, in order to protect the President of the United States from unfairness especially regarding Comey’s leak through Richman to the media.

The probe will dig into potential immunity deals given to “co-conspirators” in Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal, including specifically Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, and John Bentel.

Another primary piece of focus if the now passed bill will be directed to the Clinton Foundation’s influence from foreign governments, and specifically the Russian Uranium One deal exposed by Clinton Cash, asking how Russians obtained ownership in United States uranium assets while the Clinton Foundation was given hundreds of millions of dollars.

The believed to be illegally pre-planned tarmac meeting between both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix at Sky Harbor International Airport outside or peering eyes.

A sponsor of the now approved amendment to officially launch the Committee's new probe, Biggs, said in an interview before the measure was introduced that “the American people want answers to these questions.”

“My constituents ask the same questions that so many people want to know the answer to, and that is why have all these investigations stopped?” Biggs said. “There was a whole lot of fire there and they just seemed to end when the new administration came in and I think there’s two or three reasons,” Biggs said in a brief phone interview on Tuesday afternoon. “Number one, I think you want justice and that leads to number two—if you don’t have justice and you’re not following the rule of law then government and lawmakers and those who enforce the law are held in derision by the public. They lose faith and confidence in those they elect and so I think this is really important to get back to those basics and find out what happened and so that’s why I think it’s important.”

The newest probe will also look into Comey’s potential knowledge of “unmasking” of intelligence and surveillance collected on Donald Trump’s campaign or exploratory teams to be used to illegally give benefit to the Democratic Party during the election, specifically in regards to Susan Rice’s illegal misdeeds, a prospect that everyone believes occurred, even though President Donald Trump was able to overcome the odds and still win.


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The Great Kazoo No. 5718 2017-07-27 : 22:08

Everyone knows that ALL of those characters are guilty as original sin.

Even they know it.

They were just soooo certain that Hillary was going to win, and sweep all their crimes under the rug.

They not only cheated the system, they cheated each an every one of us.

The only way for the federal government to even begin regaining our trust is to throw those swamprats in prison till they're febble old hospice cases.

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