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Mother Starves Six-Month Old Child by Strapping Him Into a Car Seat for Two Days With No Food

It’s common knowledge that not every woman or lady is well suited to handle the responsibilities of a mother. That was the case with Lovily Johnson, who according to the police authorities smoked cannabis and left her child for the dead.

The authorities in Wyoming allege that Lovily Johnson smoked cannabis and went shopping and hung out with pals while little Noah was dying. The little Noah is a six-month-old baby that died after his mother strapped in a car seat for two days without food or water.

The 22-year-old mother proved to have little to no conscience by leaving her own blood to die at 32C. As a result of the inhumane act, Lovily Johnson has been charged with murder after allegedly leaving her son without food or water for two days. She has been accused of knowingly and intentionally depriving Noah of the necessities of life.

Johnson fed the baby with a bottle on July 17, she only checked him again on the morning of July 19, according to court documents, and finding him unconscious, she took him to a children’s hospital instead of calling 911.

The court documents revealed that: “Ms. Johnson admitted smoking marijuana during that time. She did not check on Noah when she returned home,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

“Noah’s body was in advanced stages of decomposition.

“His stomach was obviously bloated, his eyes were glossy, and he was emitting a strong, foul odor. Noah had blood on his genitals and buttocks.”

She has now been charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse. Investigators also found that the temperature of the room he had been kept in was 32C. Johnson is also mother to a two-year-old girl who has since been placed in the care of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.Johnson’s probable cause hearing is set for August 2.


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Anonymous No. 5708 2017-07-27 : 15:22

Jesus christ, that baby is better off dead now. Now they'll have a life full of developmental issues, both physical and mental

Anonymous No. 5709 2017-07-27 : 16:17


Well it was for the best. Now it wouldn't have to know what jail is like, or participate in a gang war.

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