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Photo credit: ICE

Pedophile Illegal Alien In North Carolina Rapes 12 Year Old

In another savage display of the reckless dangers that illegals pose to the security and sanctity of American families, a disgusting illegal alien in North Carolina is alleged to have raped a twelve-year-old girl.

Law enforcement say that 36 year old Guadalupe Cruz Esquivel of 204 Greg Drive, is now being charged with felony first-degree statutory rape.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office arrested him during a traffic stop, saying that he was wanted for the rape of a 12-year-old child, after they say he first ran from North Carolina into Texas after the rape, then tried to return to the state.

Fortunately the Sheriff’s Office was notified of the incident late Saturday night, and they were able to issue warrants immediately for Esquivel’s arrest, otherwise he may have escaped the traffic stop with only a citation for speeding.

Major Richard Lewis of the Sheriff’s Office said that the agency received information Esquivel had first fled to Texas, but that he planned to return to North Carolina.

Major Lewis said that his deputies set up on I-95 in anticipation of this perverse illegal criminal’s return to the state. They were looking for the car he left in, a 2008 white GMC Acadia with a yellow front license plate with children’s names on it.

Sheriff's Deputies say they first spotted him in Sampson County, in the same car he had left the state in, and then followed him back into Wayne County to make the arrest on their home jurisdiction.

Law enforcement claims that once the illegal alien pedophile crossed back into the county, deputies immediately pulled him over and arrested him without incident.

Major Lewis said that while Esquivel had a North Carolina driver’s license, it was under a fake name, which is another crime, and he was going by Ricardo Vasquez Cortes.

Because of this new crime, Major Lewis said, the License and Theft Bureau of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has been notified, with the potential for the illegal alien to have ties to a cartel or COYOTE, which is commonplace when an illegal alien is using a false identity.

In hopes that there will be a federal detainer known Esquivel, Major Lewis also said United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been notified to document the crime against the child.

The ICE agent handling the case indicated that, “Guadalupe Cruz Esquivel is in the U.S. illegally using an American citizens name (Ricardo Vazquez Cortes) as an alias.”

He went on to say that, “ICE does have a detainer on him,” wrote Lewis. “Agent Perez is the agent that is dealing with him.”

The pedophile illegal, Esquivel, is currently is being detained on $500,000 bond at the Wayne County Detention Center.


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