By: Earnest Jones | 11-24-2016 | News
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Fake News Is Not the Only Problem: Biased And Propaganda Are More Corrosive

It’s worth noting that propaganda, bias, and misleading information are much more widespread and cause more problems. Many people are discussing the impact of fake news in the just concluded elections. The U.S. population has been divided further by the stories that the media is sending out; more often the news has attacked certain populations while affirming others, thus creating a rift among the masses. There has been recent awakening on the impact of fake news and many have realized that it’s important to address the issue of fake news. However, if people focus on the fake news they’ll miss out on the bigger picture which includes the biased propaganda and misleading information.

The media tends to over-exaggerate and spread biased information for instance; in the recent Hamilton and Pence showdown, the Huffington Post reported that Mike Pence was booed like crazy while a video on ABC reported otherwise; some audiences were cheering. Hence, it’s evident that the media was biased.

In the present times, the media is propagating post-truth politics which manipulatively supports someone’s agenda and propagates some hidden propaganda; having that in mind, it’s important to ask ourselves how we can identify information that is biased and incomplete from the truth.

The media has a wide spread means of spreading biased and misleading information which has a hidden agenda of promoting or publicizing a particular point of view or political cause. This issue exists in all social networks from YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

The main problem with the media is how facts and fiction intermingle; the media picks disturbing images, creates compelling narratives, uses visual storytelling to play on emotions, using video snippets all which play in to the masses with a hidden intent or agenda.

There’s a consistent trend in the world that many people have taken, the realization that the media institutions are biased and dishonest has led many to distrust the media institutions.

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