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A man from Duvall, Washington, is being detained facing multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions.

Those charges include kidnapping his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint, after allegedly beating and choking her to the point of near-unconsciousness, followed by raping her.

King County Sheriff’s Investigators say that at some point she was able to escape the terrifying assault, by taking control of the suspects vehicle and fleeing the scene.

She now says that the scene of the original abduction was also near Lynnwood, which she claims that the suspect shot one of her friends.

Neighbors in the area reported hearing gunshots around the time of the kidnapping, which is now promoting Kings County officials to also begin investigating.

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spokesman also says that a woman sought emergency treatment Sunday at a hospital for a gunshot wound to her abdomen.


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>No race given

>No mugshot

Coulter's Law in full effect.

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