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Kanye West Psychotic Breakdown After He Publicly Announced His Admiration To Trump

Sources have revealed that Kanye West had a psychotic break while at his personal trainer’s house, he also screamed claiming people were trying to kill him. Consequently, his doctors suggested that his hands be cuffed since they feared that he would attack the police.

Kanye was hospitalized on Monday wearing handcuffs prompting his wife Kim Kardashian to join him. Having canceled his Saint Pablo tour, Kanye started acting erratically while at his trainer’s home and that’s when his personal doctor called 911, TMZ reported.

In a report made by Kanye’s personal Doctor, Michael Farzam, he said that according to 5150 hold; he had the right to place a patient forcibly if they had a mental disorder which caused them to attack a staff member.

The Doctor gave the emergency responders a code-name for Kanye saying that he was called Jim Jones and that he was suffering from dehydration and sleep deprivation and that he had temporary psychosis.

The local fire department responded in emergency mode terming the response as a psychiatric emergency. There has been reports that Kanye tried to fight paramedics and hence he had to be handcuffed as he was taken to UCLA Medic Center for evaluation. According to a report by TMZ, it’s normal for a patient to be handcuffed if the Doctor has initiated a 5150 hold. Kim Kardashian had to fly from New York to check out Kanye.

Kim had to post pone her appearance at the Angels Ball on Monday Night with her sisters; this was the first appearance since she got robbed at gunpoint in Paris. She was seen on Monday night disembarking a Jet at the Van Nuys Airport in L.A as she headed to the Airport. Close friends have reported that Kanye’s issues which include the jealous he has on Beyoncé, the rift with Jay Z, and marital issues have caused the mental problems. Some sources said that Kanye says he’s under spiritual attack. The sources added that following his mother’s death which happened on November always causes Kanye a lot of pain around this time of the year. Kanye’s mother died at the age of 57 years in November 2007.

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