By: Red Pill | 07-26-2017 | News
Photo credit: Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ Will Censor (Bleep) President Trump's Name

In another display of cultural Marxist Hollywood propaganda, the sitcom ‘Broad City’ says that they will now censor President Trump's name from on the air programming.

Yes, they're going to censor the President of the United States, so now whenever they say his name it will say President (Bleep) instead of calling him Trump.

It might sound shocking, but at this point, there's literally nothing that should surprise Americans about how pathetic and childish the Hollywood Marxists actually are.

Series creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson told television critics that talking constantly about Trump and his administration have made the sound of his name “so gross”, and that they'll treat his name in the same fashion as they would profanity or expletives.

She said that both and Jacobson decided Trump has enough air time and they didn’t want to share theirs with him, which will only ensure that their rating drowns as Trump Supporters boycott the station once this becomes widely known.

Glazer and Jacobson star in “Broad City”, which returns for its upcoming fourth season in September on Comedy Central. The series is supposed to be about the outgoing lives of two New York City women, but they're essentially ensuring it's about two Communist propagandists with this act of disrespect.


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Anonymous No. 5664 2017-07-26 : 17:15

Aww, poor boy, his ego so fwagile, yet more proof that T*p is not Presidential materiel, after all many Presidents(many 'real, brave' presidents) have been called names showing no respect for that person, the most recent of course being Obama, let's face it T*p needs his name everywhere because of his narcissistic personality.

Out of 515 listed items in his disclosure, 268 of them—52%—contain his last name and don’t clearly reference someone else, like his father Fred Trump. (Many others contain variations on Donald Trump’s initials, but those I didn't count simply because that list is ridiculous.), just like T***p :)

Oh yeah, seeing as you guys have made snide comments, derogatory names, etc, doesn't thay make you pathetic and childish Marxists, must be confusing reconciling that with your love for Gaydolf Shitler.

Fasonunist? Commucist? Marxtler? Hirx? Heil Comrade? Nah sorry you're going to have to tell us how you work it out.

RedPill, your freindly neighbourhood commumnazi is going to explain his philosophy, and how you can choose to insult the office of the president and not insult it at the same time, over to you RP….

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