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North Korea Writes A Letter For Trump Demanding An End To Nuclear Threats

After vowing to seek better relations with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, and also going out of his way- amid a packed schedule- to reassure old close U.S. allies U.K., Japan and South Korea of continuing good ties, among others, President-Elect Donald Trump has to contend with ongoing hostilities of the U.S. with North Korea, made worse, observers say, by the handling of affairs by President Obama.

North Korea being on the radar of Trump becomes even more compelling after the state wrote a 9-page letter to the U.S. with a strong demand that it stops the hostile nuclear threats against North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un.

Experts opined that Pyongyang's statement contained in the letter sent to Washington is in reality aimed at Trump as it hopes the new President will take a starkly different approach to dealings with North Korea compared to the one taken by Obama.

The letter was issued by Pyongyang after Trump's transition team and U.S. Congressmen held a meeting with a bipartisan delegation of South Korean MPs in Washington.

South Korea is, of course, a close U.S. ally in Asia, and engaged in long and bitter hostilities with neighbor North Korea.

North Korea believes that the incoming Trump administration could exercise a wide range of options in its would-be policy towards North Korea from adopting tougher sanctions to pushing for a better dialogue with Kim Jong Un.

North Korea kept silent in the wake of Trump's shocking election victory but its letter now makes clear what it demands from a Trump leadership.

The letter also aired anew North Korea's gripes against the U.S. especially its misgivings on the policies and actions of President Obama whom it accuses of going out of his way to " overthrow" Kim Jong Un and the country.

North Korea also scored Obama for " constantly heaping malicious slander and criticism" against them and hit his administration for pursuing an " aggressive and heinous strategic suffocation" policy against their country.

It also went on to blame U.S. for imposing " unilateral sanctions" as the root cause of escalated tension on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea carried out nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, 2013 and twice this year, despite stern warnings from the international community led by the U.S.

Both the White House and Trump's team have not reacted to the letter yet. North Korea will certainly be one of the most testy affairs Trump has to deal with when he takes over Washington next year.

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