By: Savannah Smith | 07-25-2017 | News
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Drunk EasyJet Passenger Pees All Over, Falls onto Runway

On an EasyJet flight from Bristol to Newscastle, passenger Joe Scott started drinking to fight off his fear of flying, but the spirits did not exactly steel his nerves but led him to worse troubles.

By the time the plane is about to land, he felt an urgent need to go to the bathroom. He told the crew that he was feeling sick so he was allowed to get up from his seat in spite of the seat belt sign still being on.

There were a lot of stuff stored in the bathroom at that point because the plane was preparing for its descent. To their horror and disgust, the cabin crew discovered that Scott urinated over ‘everything except the loo”, including on some equipment placed inside the toilet.

The flight attendants informed the pilot about the misdeed of Scott. The pilot requested Scott to remain on the plane after they have landed. Scott could not be bothered to be delayed, though, he pushed past the crew causing one to lose her footing.

Scott was on his way to completing his escape act when he stumbled and fell down the stairs of the aircraft, landing on the tarmac below. Scott was then arrested after the incident took place on May 5.

The Newcastle Magistrates Court heard about his case this week. Scott pleaded guilty to being drunk on the plane, behaving in a disorderly manner on an aircraft by urinating over several items in the toilet, and defying the lawful command of a pilot.

The erring passenger was fined almost $750, close to $110 costs and nearly $75 victim surcharge.

The easyJet cabin crew who lost her footing said that while she was not injured from the incident, it was still unnecessary, and she was shocked at the way Scott behaved.

Scott’s lawyer, Ian Cassidy, said his client was regretful about the incident. Cassidy said: “He can’t understand why he would do that. He is very, very apologetic. It is out of character.”


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