By: Savannah Smith | 11-23-2016 | News
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Trump Softens On Hillary; Not Keen On Prosecuting Her

Some of his most persistent critics are ready to call it a broken campaign promise, a number of his supporters themselves may feel disappointed, yet many others may view it as the man's readiness to transition into becoming truly presidential and a class statesman.

President-Elect Donald Trump in a meeting with editors, reporters and staff of The New York Times has confirmed that he is not keen on prosecuting the Clintons for Hillary's private email server scandal, and the alleged conflict interest cases with the Clinton Foundation.

Trump admitted that pursuing prosecution against the Clintons during his administration would be very divisive for the country. The Republican further said that his inclination is leaning towards moving forward. He felt that the cases have been looked at enough.

Showing a departure from his tough fighting stance against Hillary during the campaign, a much sober Trump now disclosed that pursuing cases against Hillary is not something he feels strongly about at this point.

It could very well be, in part, a reality check as well. With the enormity of his duties, functions and challenges as the new President with so much to accomplish in the first 100 days, Trump may not want to be bogged down with controversial stuff as Hillary's cases. After all, the President-Elect did say his focus would be on the economy and security for the American people.

And in another light, Trump also reveals a side to his character that was left largely unnoticed during the bitterly-fought campaign: the man's compassionate nature. In his talk with the The New York Times people, Trump reiterated his earlier sentiment that he does not want to hurt the Clintons, particularly Hillary. He added that Hillary already went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, presumably referring to Hillary's crushing defeat in the election.

On concerns that his decision on the Clintons will disappoint his supporters, Trump was quick to counter that they won't be disappointed because he will explain to them how this will in fact save the country.

Trump's admission confirmed earlier interviews of former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway that the President-Elect will not pursue prosecution against Hillary to " help her heal." For Conway, it was enough indictment of Hillary that during the campaign, surveys showed that majority of Americans don't find Hillary trustworthy.

Trump's adviser and close confidante, Rudy Guiliani, also revealed earlier that Trump will not appoint a special prosecutor to work into Hillary's cases as he said he would do during the second presidential debate.

As things stand, though, fresh inquiries are not off the table yet. Congress may still decide to pursue investigations. FBI can likewise independently continue with its investigation of alleged anomalies in the Clinton Foundation during the term of Hillary as Secretary of State under the Obama administration.

It could be that Trump's softer stance on Hillary now is in keeping with his pledge during his victory speech on the night of the election that he wants to push for unity and be the president of all Americans.

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