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Hungary's President States:“We are Europe's future.”

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán once again makes his opinions clear: Hungary will resist the Islamization of Europe. At a culture festival in Romania, Orbán called out the European Union and American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros for their attempt to flood Europe with Muslim refugees. He accuses them of trying to create a "new, diverse and Islamized Europe.”

But Hungary's new fortified borders and fences will help stop the flood of Muslims, he states. In his speech, he said: “27 years go, we believed Europe to be our future. Now instead, we're Europe's future.” The question to him is if Europe will continue to belong to Europeans in the near future. “Will Hungary stay the country of the Magyars? Will Germany still be the country of the Germans, France the country of the French and Italy the country of the Italians?”, he asked in his thought provoking talk.

The preservation of ethnic homogeneity and Christianity in Europe are important aspects to the Hungarian President. He stated that the growing cooperation and closeness between Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia in their fight against cultural downfalls were notable and significant.

Furthermore, Orbán explained that, to him, a strong state was one which owned and maintained important industries and economic branches of trade, rather than one who outsourced them. After the end of the Cold War, many Hungarian companies had been purchased by foreign countries for cheap. Hungary has spent a lot of money since then to buy them back.

Orbán and Hungary are willing to spend a large sum of money for the fences that they need to protect themselves. Roughly 850.000€ to 885.000€ (around 1 million dollars) will be spent on strengthening the borders and fences surrounding the country. Only very little would be contributed by the European Union.

Orbán also talked negatively about German politicians, stating that failing ones like them, who do nothing to save their countries, don't deserve to criticize him.


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Anonymous No. 5612 2017-07-25 : 13:39

well, I'll keep trying to inspire people to wake up and get to their senses here in Germany, probably finish my education here. But when all is said and done, I won't stay in case of a civil war, if there is no realistic chance of winning, I'd rather go and employ my workforce for Hungary or Poland. German politicians have defecated onto the germans as a people, they deserve to hang. If the situation gets chatic enough, many people will come to the V4 countries, and they won't be taking in shitskins. 1488 my dudes ecks-deee

Anonymous No. 5626 2017-07-25 : 19:06

German politicians have defecated onto the germans as a people, they deserve to hang.

You're right HH did deserve to hang :)

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