By: Earnest Jones | 11-22-2016 | News
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President Obama Blames Hillary Clinton's Strategy for Her Defeat

President Barack Obama has made a statement in which he points out that Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election has given the GOP the opportunity to dominate the political realm for a long duration. President Obama pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s campaign took a hyper-progressive approach that focused on cities and consequently, this was the major source of Hillary’s defeat in the just concluded presidential election.

President Obama made a statement in a press conference in Lima, Peru on the 20th of Nov; where he was about to conclude, his international trip saying that a campaign strategy that targets an isolated group or takes up a micro-targeting approach in a Democratic coalition will occasionally win you the election but will not win you the much-needed mandate that is required to get the victory over the whole nation. The passive Obama acknowledged the fact that Donald Trump’s victory has re-aligned the nation’s political realm presenting the nation’s politics up for grabs and this has given the GOP an opportunity to dominate the political realm for a long-term period.

There’s a great degree of truth to what Obama said; a closer look at the state of the political realm, one can tell that American politics are up for grabs and most important is the fact that the old positions that the Democrats and the Republicans took have been re-positioned. Despite the distinct variations that existed between the candidates in this year’s election, it’s evident that the Democrats ought to make sure that there is a concrete way of communicating with the U.S. citizens so that their message is understood by everyone; this will result in victory in the upcoming elections.

This statement that President Obama made is a massive admission that Trump’s supporters are outside the confinements of what Hillary Clinton and her Democrats term as the electorate split comprising of civil minorities, sexual minorities, diverse and discrete ethnic minorities.

Donald Trump managed to win at least 29 percent of the Latino vote, 8 percent of the African-American votes; this outshone the establishment candidate Gov. Mitt Romney’s performance in the 2012 election. Donald Trump’s approach was also ideal in that his policies aim at helping the ordinary American by improving trade and labor rules instead of helping Wall Street investors and global businesses.

Following the loss of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic campaign has learned that they disregarded the lower-status Democratic voters such include; traditional voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. The campaign focused on contentious social controversies to get crowds among the Democrats gays, immigrants, Latinos, blacks, professional women, and urban voters.

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